Mobile WiFi 4G Smart Antenna with 4G Flex Router

Mobile WiFi 4G Smart Antenna with 4G Flex Router

Greater external range for larger vehicles or commercial use

The larger, domestic style router in the Flex package is ideal for customers who require wired ethernet sockets or extended WiFi range outside of their vehicle.

The 4G Flex router provides greater external WiFi range and connection for upto 64 devices. Typical installations include Motorhomes, Campervans, Lorries, Cars and Boats.

Many of our customers are starting to use 4G as their home broadband connection and the 4G Flex gives you the flexibility of enjoying reliable connectivity at home or away.

Both 12v and 240v power adapters are included.

Ask us for more details on how this package could work for you. 

4G Smart Flex Delivers:

  • ‘Always On’ Secure Internet Connection
  • Perfect for streaming TV and use in remote or rural locations
  • Factory Unlocked & 2 Year Warranty
  • 5x the performance of a mobile phone
  • WiFi for up to 64 devices
  • Use stationary or in motion
  • Advanced functionality available via an easy to use app.

The Pack Contains:

  • Fully Certified 3G/4G LTE Roof Antenna
  • Motorhome specific installation kit
  • 30cm Antenna Cables
  • 2x 1m Antenna Extension cables*
  • 4G Flex Router
  • 12v vehicle and 240v power supplies
  • Full Operating and Fitting Instructions