Mobile 5G WiFi (contact us for pricing)

Mobile 5G WiFi (contact us for pricing)

new futureproof 5G Ready Antenna offers advanced design and construction with patented technology. It is highly effective at receiving weak 4G signals as well as being fully 5G compatible when paired with a 5G Pro Router.

The 5G antenna has a new sealing skirt which offers an extra level of weatherproofing when fully compressed. It also has some market leading certifications including IP69K and IK10 meaning it can withstand a hot pressure washer and can withstand 5KG weight at 40cm.

At just 75mm high (2.9”) the roof antenna sits lower than your skylights. The underside consists of a non-permeable 3M adhesive foam pad and an adjustable threaded internal brace, through which the cables travel into the cabin, for a totally weatherproof installation.


Please note: 5G models are supply and install only – please contact us on 01209 205910 for a complete installation price. We are fully mobile within Cornwall and Devon areas and can also travel to other areas but in relation to this further costs may be incurred.


5G Ready Flex delivers:
  • ‘Always On’ Secure Internet Connection
  • Perfect for streaming TV and use in remote or rural locations
  • Factory Unlocked & 2 Year Warranty
  • WiFi repeating functionality
  • WiFi for up to 64 devices
  • Bespoke wall mounting bracket
  • Remove & use as an alternative to fixed line broadband (*separate building antenna available)
  • Use stationary or in motion
  • Advanced functionality available via an easy to use app. 
  • 4 wired devices via ethernet
  • LTE-A with carrier aggregation
  • Download speeds of up to 300Mbps via 4G